Daniel Dallmann


I believe in the communicative power of the abstract and visual structures within a picture. However, most of my work for over 40 years has also included a high degree of representation. I think that my need to reference reality stems from my desire to affirm that wondrous things happen in this world, in our realities, our lives and our times.

I find the experience of looking at a picture to be similar to listening to music. If there is representation in the picture, I see it much like the words in a song.  Poetry and music are two different languages – but they can be combined to great effect.

Visually, I want to make pictures that will strike me, and the viewer, the way the sound of a cello affects me – it almost seems as if I hear it in my chest, I feel it in my own body, like breathing. I know it comes to me from another source but it seems to vibrate within me. 

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